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Welcome to Yi Tai Shen

For All Your Need in Stainless Steel Screws and Nuts

A Brand name Recognized internationally 

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Product Lines

Titanium hex cap screw

Stainless steel cold drawn bar

Stainless steel hex cap screw

Stainless steel fin hex nut

Hex flange nut

Hex nylon insert nut

Stainless steel thread rod

Stainless steel carriage bolt

Stainless steel single end or double end stud

Stainless steel stud bolt

Hex flange bolt

Stainless steel indent hex washer

Stainless hex lag screw

Hexagonal socket head cap screw

Nylon patch

Manufactured to customer's blue print

Special product


About Us

Established in 2000 Yi Tai Shen Co., Ltd. is a highly reputed manufacturer for various
stainless steel screws and nuts etc. No matter what specifications of stainless steel screws and nuts are, Yi Tai Shen is capable of producing the high quality products that fully meet customer's requirement.

International Quality Level

Under the company's quality policy of "Excellent Quality; Competitive Price; Punctual
Delivery", Yi Tai Shen is committed to provide the highest satisfaction to our customers. Our objective is to enhance the value of Yi Tai Shen products.
With years of effort, Yi Tai Shen has steadily grown up. The continued future growth of Yi Tai Shen is dependent on further serving its customers with maximum dependability of product quality and more competitive price. We will always strive hard for our commitment and the enterprise perpetuity.

For All You Need in Stainless Steel Screws And Nuts

Yi Tai Shen's wide range of stainless steel screws and nuts provides customers with
a wider choice to suit their requirements. Yi Tai Shen products are produced by the
company's tradition of quality that you can trust.

Outstanding Production Capability

Over the years, Yi Tai Shen has been widely recognized in domestic and overseas. Along with this distinction comes the responsibility to help customers achieve even more exacting requirements for quality and price. To this end, Yi Tai Shen has invested in upgrading its production capability and productivity. In addition, we also set up a modern production system to fully control quality at each step throughout the entire production process. However, we are never satisfied with current production capability, we always strive hard for upgrading our technological level.

Rigorous Quality Control Yi Tai Shen Insists on Quality

Commitment to quality is the cornerstone of everything we do at Yi Tai Shen. Each employee is well trained to do the best possible quality at his or her position. Yi Tai Shen's quality assurance team consists of numerous professionals in quality control. In addition, we have also invested in a wide range of sophisticated inspection instrument for rigorous inspection throughout the manufacturing process. Our great efforts in quality control will assure that Yi Tai Shen's products will fully meet customers' requirements and the highest standards you might expect.

Mold Making Department

To effectively shorten delivery time and control product accuracy and quality, Yi Tai Shen also sets up a mold making department. Our engineers design molds in-house according to customer's product types, then send the blue prints to mold making department for precision machining.


Quality approved by the SGS to be ISO 9001:2008

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